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Join our pursuit of excellence in naval sustainment

We recognise that replication is costly and inefficient, so we select suppliers that offer world’s best practice in naval support and sustainment services.

We manage an extensive supply chain, of small and large businesses, that deliver flexible, customer-focused solutions to optimise of our customers’ critical assets. Together, we are outcome focused and performance driven, rising to meet the challenges and maintenance requirements of vessels operating in critical and complex environments.

Rather than ad-hoc associations, our commitment to naval ship management requires deep, long-term relationships across the industry, supporting the Commonwealth’s commercial approach to naval sustainment.

We are looking to extend our supply chain of providers with expertise in the preventative, corrective and long-term maintenance and sustainment activities for naval assets. We invite Australian businesses to express interest in joining our pursuit of excellence in supporting important assets for the Royal Australian Navy and building Australian sovereign defence capability.

To assess alignment between our projects and your capability, review our projects and current work packages.

Companies wishing to express interest in any of our proposed work packages must complete the Supplier Prequalification Questionnaire. Companies will be required to sign a deed or contract-specific Confidentiality Agreement prior to undertaking any work with NSM.

Interested in becoming a supplier?

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