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HMAS Toowoomba Docking

30 Oct 2019   //   Case Studies,


Anzac Systems Program Office (SPO)


Warship Asset Management Agreement (WAMA)


The unscheduled dry docking of HMAS Toowoomba to address the leaking internal seals of the oil distribution box.



HMAS Toowoomba (II) is the seventh Anzac Class Frigate, launched in 2003 and commissioned in 2005. She was scheduled for her usual maintenance availability, however, through the ship’s regular maintenance activity, the oil distribution box was found to be leaking.


NSM was aware of the requirement to fix the oil distribution leak 10 – 12 weeks before HMAS Toowoomba’s scheduled maintenance. Within this timeframe, extensive planning was undertaken to prepare, line up and certify the docking
cradles for dry docking. Kongsberg, the original equipment manufacturer,
needed to be prepped and ready to work alongside the NSM supply chain as
they undertook scheduled maintenance, while Kongsberg addressed the oil
distribution box.

On the 17th of June 2019 HMAS Toowoomba arrived with NSM preparations
beginning at 3.30am. The Navy cradled the ship into the floating dock. Once dry
docked, the work began in earnest.

Upon coming out of the water, inspection of the hull was undertaken before repair work commenced, checking for the sub-sea fitting condition and marine
growth. Gangways were set in place and a full pressure clean of the hull commenced at 8pm so that a hole could be cut in the side of the ship to remove the oil distribution box first thing, the following day. Kongsberg then
used a crane to remove the faulty equipment, facilitated by a structural beam
NSM had installed and a monorail.


Given the additional job of removing the oil distribution box, NSM and our supply chain partners worked 24 hours a day for 3 – 4 days to ensure the maintenance program could proceed as planned.

Kongsberg returned with a fully compliant oil distribution box, three weeks after
removing the faulty equipment. It was refitted into the ship, with Ikad undertaking the hot works and fixing the pipework and hole in the side of the
ship and undertaking painting and preservation. The teams worked closely together and, on the 19th of August, HMAS Toowoomba set sail. During the dry docking, NSM managed 330 maintenance tasks.

The future:

HMAS Toowoomba will return to NSM in 12 months’ time for scheduled maintenance.