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Leveraging the problem-solving expertise of our engineering team and collaboration partners

Engineering support capabilities

  • Engineering analysis
  • Engineering investigations
  • Engineering change management
  • Configuration management
  • Technical instructions
  • Systems engineering and reviews
  • Supportability and logistical engineering analyses
  • Software engineering and support
  • Engineering and technical advice
  • Verification and validation
  • Tests and trials

NSM maintains an extensive set of core engineering expertise, tailored to support each asset class we work with. As every engineering decision has an element of technical risk, we ensure that work is undertaken by authorised, competent individuals and completed to approved standards and within governance frameworks. Each task is comprehensively documented and approved by a separate, authorised individual.

With collaboration as our forte, we frequently work together with the ship or major system designers. As an example, we have established strategic partnerships with companies such as Navantia and L3 Harris to augment our engineering services for the LHD Asset Class Prime Contract Support Contract.

Our experience in this sector has allowed us to gather data across our collective operations. This is used to undertake a range of life-cycle cost modelling exercises that assess the impact of extending the life of our customers’ assets.

A commitment to developing the local skilled and engineering workforce

NSM was one of the first Australian companies to adopt a ‘Thin-Prime approach’ to naval ship support that delivers a much closer and deeper relationship with local industry. A relationship that can focus on delivering outcomes for the Commonwealth rather than our suppliers being protective about workshare. In 2018, we engaged skilled tradesmen and engineering professionals from 125 companies to provide 620,000 hours of support for the Anzac fleet.