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An Inclusive Prime model for naval sustainment and support

Operating a Safety First culture, we deliver enhanced materially seaworthy assets for our customers by applying best practice Asset Management. At our core is our Inclusive Prime model. From our origins in 2012, we designed our approach to focus our expertise and people on where we would provide the most value for our customers. We recognised that there was no need for us to replicate capabilities that exist within Australian industry and have adapted from the Thin Prime partner approach to the Inclusive Prime model we use today.

Underpinned by strong values around safety, teamwork, courage, respect and accountability, we advance Australia’s sustainment capability through innovation, collaboration, long-term partnerships with local Industry and investment in our people.

Our vision

To be the leading provider of collaborative sustainment solutions across the Australian Maritime sector.

Our mission

Operating within a safety first culture to advance Australia’s maritime sustainment capability through innovation, collaboration, long-term partnerships with local industry and investment in our people.

The building blocks for success

Using an Inclusive Prime model allows us to implement a scalable and diverse supply chain, quickly adapting to changes in work volume, location and scope. It incorporates four key building blocks:

  1. Establishing the right partnerships with shipbuilders, system manufacturers, industry and the Navy.
  2. Australianising the naval support supply chain and a commitment to capability development, not simply maximising Australian content.
  3. Building effective collaborative partnerships and being an Australian leader in adopting formal collaborative relationship standards.
  4. Implementing a digitally-enabled asset management approach that combines ISO standards with Industry 4.0 technologies, such as big data analysis and predictive modelling.

Long-term, collaborative partnerships and digital enablers are keys success factors in delivering Sovereign Industrial Capability to the Commonwealth.

Our inclusive approach to naval sustainment: watch the video here

building blocks to success

The right partnerships

Fundamental to the philosophy behind our Inclusive Prime model is our approach to partnerships. NSM do not compete to deliver effective, efficient naval solutions; we complement. We seek to strategically align ourselves with key companies within Australia’s naval sector, including ship designers, ship builders and OEMs of major systems. These strategic partners are integrated into our services and provide access to important technical data, knowledge and capabilities. We also partner with Royal Australian Navy’s Fleet Support Unit (FSU), who have become an integral part of our maintenance service offering.

Watch our partnership approach video here

Australianised supply chain

Our pioneering approach to Australian industry engagement has enabled us to develop a unique relationship with our supply chain. We draw on a diverse supply chain, of over 250 suppliers, to deliver flexible solutions, with a high level of Australian content, for the Commonwealth.

Development Roadmap provides a clear, prioritised plan for the development of industry capability for the ships and assets we support. Long-term contractual relationships allow our suppliers to invest in training, systems, equipment and facilities, all of which actively contribute to improved outcomes for industry and Navy.

We also have a Supplier Continuous Improvement Program (SCIP), designed to accelerate the competitiveness of industry by raising performance of suppliers and focusing on embedding best practice leadership and a continuous improvement culture.

This approach, combined with the Commonwealth’s investment in long‐term collaborative‐based contracts for naval sustainment and engagement with industry organisations such as AIDN, CDIC and ICN, gives our supply chain a sense of confidence and optimism about the future.

Find out more about our commitment to Australian industry

Our commitment to industry

Effective collaborative relationships

While collaboration has always been natural to the way we operate, our Inclusive Prime model more formally incorporates it into our business. Our services are aligned with the ISO Collaborative Business Relationships standard, 44001:2017. This is focused on tangible strategies to improve collaboration around the three elements of the collaboration lifecycle.

Watch our approach to collaboration video here


Robust, digitally enabled asset management

NSM implement a proven, world leading, digitally-enabled asset management approach, combining ISO standards with industry 4.0 technologies. This enables us to deliver robust naval maintenance and sustainment services through the:

  • Establishment of the digital twin of the assets
  • Automation of workflows
  • Deep analytical analysis of asset performance data
  • Secure move of information and data throughout the Enterprise.

This is reinforced by investment in building the core competencies of our team across naval asset management.