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Ensuring the safety of our workers, business partners and customers is our number one priority

Our Safety First culture underpins all of our activities and is embraced in all our actions. In simple terms, it means providing a safe workplace. As we work in complex environments where risks and hazards are inherent, our approach needs to be both comprehensive and consultative.

We have committed management, proven systems and a proactive workforce living our Safety First values every day. Managing work health and safety (HSE) risks involves a four-step process:

  1. Identifying hazards
  2. Assessing risks
  3. Controlling risks
  4. Reviewing control measures

This is implemented with a detailed Job Safety Analysis, prior to commencing all tasks on site, coupled with a review of the site area.

NSM Inductions

All employees and contractors must undertake our NSM Worksite Induction program, as a minimum. Task specific training and, in some instances, qualifications may be necessary. For example, a High Risk Work licence is needed for activities such as scaffolding, operation of a forklift or certain types of cranes and hoists.

For all queries and support relating to NSM inductions please contact:

Partnering with industry to protect all workers

NSM have developed and implemented a Critical Risk Management Guide and associated processes to establish a consistent approach to managing our critical safety risks and effectively communicating this to our workers, partners and customers. This guide was the product of a collaboration with five key suppliers and has been recognised by customers as an important augmentation of existing process that strengthens the protection of workers.

NSM Critical Risk Guide

Instilling a cultural HSE awareness mindset is an important part of Safety First. Everyone is empowered to stop work if they observe hazardous or unsafe working practices. Our wider team will respond immediately, with efficient rectification before a safe return to work. Continual review of our Business Management System ensures ongoing compliance, a reduction in HSE events and quality issues, and overall process improvement.

We strive for a healthier, safer and more productive workforce and recognise the impact of employee wellbeing on their families.