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Delivering 88% of our supply chain activities through Australian Small and Medium Enterprises

Supply chain management capabilities

  • Strategic procurement
  • Supply chain optimisation
  • Performance based contracting
  • Australian industry development
  • Enhancing indigenous participation.

NSM’s Inclusive Prime model delivers a scalable, responsive and diverse international supply chain of more than 250 companies. Collectively, we deliver the agility and resilience needed to cost-effectively meet our customers’ requirements, regardless of location.

Our support for Australian SMEs and their engagement in the sustainment and support of Australia’s naval assets is often what we are most associated with. When planning new services, one of the first questions we consider is what partnerships with existing Australian capability will add value for our customers. We recognise that Australian Industry Capability development is more than a simple headline number on supply chain participation. We support this development through:

  • Providing suppliers assurance, stability and an environment that encourages investment in training, systems, equipment and facilities through long-term contracts
  • Facilitating engagement with CDIC and access to Commonwealth development grants
  • Identifying and supporting specific capability development opportunities for Australian SMEs through the Supplier Continuous Improvement Program (SCIP)
  • Australian Industry Development in action.

Tied to this are the close relationships with major companies across Australia’s naval-industry sector, including key ship designers, ship builders and OEMs of major systems. Our strategic partners are integrated into our services and provide access to important technical data, knowledge and capabilities relevant for effective and efficient sustainment of the Navy’s assets.

Industry collaboration delivering innovative sustainment solutions

In partnership with IKAD Engineering and Neptune Marine Services we completed the first underwater replacement of bracket bearings on an RAN ship – HMAS Parramatta. This innovative solution meant the work could be undertaken without the need for a lengthy and expensive docking.